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Put Down Your Phone!

Join Amanda as she explores the hold that phones–and our other gadgets–have on us. Are they all bad? Is it a generational thing? (Spoiler alert: not entirely). Amanda will rely on research & conversation with our teens…as well as her own phone-breaks during her sabbatical.

Our Stories

Deepening Circles gives me a chance to hear people in a unique way. The people are not my spouse, my kids, my co-workers, or my friends. We  talk about topics that I don't talk about in normal life--like "how have I healed?", "things I've learned from people I didn't expect to learn anything from," (e.g., the value of sports-talk radio), and "what makes each of us worthy".  Even from people I would never have selected to have extended conversations with, I get to hear how they think and feel, how some of them have remarkable experiences I could never have imagined, and sometimes they say things that spark an insight about who I am.