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The Mystery Within: The Mystic and Humanism

Winter is a time to burrow in, to wrap ourselves in blankets and draw our attention inward. Paradoxically, though, going inward can actually connect us more deeply with all that is around us–with the oneness of all. Amanda explores the traditions of inward renewal, and … read more.

Our Stories

Deepening Circles gives me a chance to hear people in a unique way. The people are not my spouse, my kids, my co-workers, or my friends. We  talk about topics that I don't talk about in normal life--like "how have I healed?", "things I've learned from people I didn't expect to learn anything from," (e.g., the value of sports-talk radio), and "what makes each of us worthy".  Even from people I would never have selected to have extended conversations with, I get to hear how they think and feel, how some of them have remarkable experiences I could never have imagined, and sometimes they say things that spark an insight about who I am.