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Lithium and Laughter Go Great Together

Rachel Kallem Whitman

9:30 & 11:30am. Rachel is a freshly minted doctor, educator, advocate, and writer who has been shacking up with bipolar disorder since 2000. Rachel has worked in hospitals, in public school settings, and at universities to cultivate safe spaces where people can talk about the experience of mental illness and challenge stigma. With the support of … Continued

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WES has become another home and family for me. My husband and I stumbled on the website when we were looking for someone to officiate our wedding, and we found that and so much more. This wonderful community has seen us through the birth of our son and surrounded us in love and support in those tough early days of parenthood, then coming together to honor him and other new little ones in a baby naming ceremony. We've found people to celebrate and toast with, to cry and protest against injustice with, and to think through our individual and collective values with. I love WES!