Is Ethical Culture a religion?
  • Yes…and no! Felix Adler, the founder of Ethical Culture, said that it was a religion for people looking for a religion, and a philosophy for everyone else. WES functions like a religion, in that it offers people a set of values around which they shape their lives, but it doesn’t require a belief in God like many traditional religions. Whatever language feels right to you will be welcomed here.
Do I have to be an atheist to attend WES?
  • No, but you’ll be welcomed if you are. WES includes atheists, agnostics, theists, humanists, and people who use many other and no labels. We think that how we act in the world is more important than how we believe.
Do I need to register for myself, or my kids, before I visit?
  • Absolutely not! We have visitors every Sunday, and we love them. Just show up…we’ll be glad you came.