Marty Kaufman

WES has been a place to expand my skills as a leader and teacher–but also a place to fully engage as a community member and student. I love that whatever my role is at any point in my life–WES meets me where I’m at.

Marty Kaufman

When I was engaged WES provided me a welcoming and supportive environment to make a lifetime commitment. As a parent it’s the perfect place for our entire family to appreciate that we make ethical choices everyday–and learn how to make the most of these opportunities.

Justin Bend

Come check it out. You won’t be disappointed. There’s something here for everyone.

Christine Parcelli

For nearly 20 years, WES continues to be a place where I enter and feel comfortable and right at home and yet at the same time, feels fresh and new and pointed to the future.  I love that new folks are finding WES and contributing to our vibrancy.

Becky Klabunde Tomer

WES has become another home and family for me. My husband and I stumbled on the website when we were looking for someone to officiate our wedding, and we found that and so much more. This wonderful community has seen us through the birth of our son and surrounded us in love and support in those tough early days of parenthood, then coming together to honor him and other new little ones in a baby naming ceremony. We’ve found people to celebrate and toast with, to cry and protest against injustice with, and to think through our individual and collective values with. I love WES!

Adam Goldberg

In WES I’ve found a community of kind, caring, and extremely supportive people who truly make me feel like I belong. It’s a loving and nurturing place where I can be challenged intellectually, laugh and enjoy the company of friends, and support people I care about while finding the support I need.

Shan Evans

WES is my spiritual home – my “safe space”. And some Sunday mornings, it’s my paradise.

Laura Bradshaw

When we first joined WES it was a place for connecting socially with like minded people in another wise alienating place. Our daughter bonded with what I’m sure will be lifetime friends through the children’s and teen’s programs but she also maintains relationships with significant adults from that time in her life. Now WES is a portal for activism for me-providing meaningful and challenging opportunities to learn and give back to others in the community.

Alejandro John Del Castillo Castillo

Es un lugar muy hermoso y muy acogedor que permite gozar de una tranquilidad unica

Joanna London

This has been my community since 1981. Here I find inspiration, friendship, service opportunities, kindness, meaningful celebrations, fabulous potlucks, and appreciation for every person.