Susan Runner

The Washington Ethical Society changed my view of religion, it is no longer what you should not do, but what are the possibilities and what you can do in the world.

Marty Kaufman

WES has been a place to expand my skills as a leader and teacher–but also a place to fully engage as a community member and student. I love that whatever my role is at any point in my life–WES meets me where I’m at.

Marty Kaufman

When I was engaged WES provided me a welcoming and supportive environment to make a lifetime commitment. As a parent it’s the perfect place for our entire family to appreciate that we make ethical choices everyday–and learn how to make the most of these opportunities.

Justin Bend

Come check it out. You won’t be disappointed. There’s something here for everyone.

Christine Parcelli

For nearly 20 years, WES continues to be a place where I enter and feel comfortable and right at home and yet at the same time, feels fresh and new and pointed to the future.  I love that new folks are finding WES and contributing to our vibrancy.