AEU Skills Summit

Share skills, best practices, ideas, and questions on improving your Society’s communications, ethical education, and membership at first ever…
at Philadelphia Ethical Society

Friday & Saturday evening activities available upon request.
$70 for individuals and group deals are
$65 each for two, $60 each for three

Programming includes:
Build a Stronger Team with Bart Worden, Melissa Sinclair, and Emily Newman: Strong teams grow successful Societies. Like any ethical relationship, teams need communication, support, trust, and fun. Come explore tips on strengthening our teams.
Improving Our Websites with Emily Newman & Ken Novak: What is needed for an attractive, informative, and successful website? Together we will visit Society websites (and some non-EC sites) to explore how we can improve our online presence.
What is the Bias Here? with Sabine Salandy: It is important as social justice educators and parents that we recognize the bias in children’s literature and media. In this workshop participants will be given the opportunity to analyze  who is missing and the values that children learn from the stories.
Breaking the 200 (or 100 or 50) Barrier with Richard Koral: The size of a Society is a characteristic that reflects the many features, attitudes, practices and habits that become baked into a Society’s culture. Using techniques pioneered by congregational life researchers, we will take a health check-up of our own communities and try to uncover the practices that impede the growth we’re looking for. Our goal will be to devise plans to introduce changes that will allow for growth and build resilience. 200 Barrier – Richard Koral
Developing Ethical Action Campaigns with Bart Worden: Ethical Action campaigns are important avenues for Ethical Societies to live their mission, connect with a larger community, and deepen members’ engagement with important life issues. Mounting a successful ethical action campaign requires planning and forethought as well as management. We’ll explore ways to build campaigns that respond to the 2017 resolution on “Toward Repairing the Harm of Racism.”
Creating and Facilitating Spaces for Growth and Connection with Christian Hayden: Learn to lead and create exercises that explore how the communities we are a part of can become more grounded and connected. Christian will share techniques of exchange, inspired by and coalesced from Ethical Culture’s own colloquy (meditative reflection that uses music), and Theatre of the Oppressed (an assortment of movement games that explore social justice) techniques.
Shift in Focus: Platform for All Ages with Melissa Sinclair: How to build a family friendly platform for all ages perhaps in lieu of a Sunday School program – brainstorming new approaches to Sunday morning Platforms.