April’s Theme: Transformation

For the month of April, we will be exploring the theme of Transformation. The theme packet can be found at:  http://ethicalsociety.org/sundaymorning/theme-packets/. As we dive into our examination of Transformation, the platform topics are:

April 2, 9:30 & 11:30 — “Tearing It All Down” Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader. We live in a capitalist society, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Or is there? In this auction platform, Amanda examines what would happen if we radically reimagined the way our society works. What would we envision for a world that was just for all? Come hear about capitalism, socialism, and anarchy! Music from Josh Blinder.

April 9, 9:30 & 11:30 — “Can You Believe in Good?,” Don Montagna, President, International Partners. If you don’t want to be carried along by circumstances, never able to set a course toward a life and society you really want, and you don’t believe in God, you need another understanding of how the world works.  Felix Adler founded the Ethical Society on a concept of the Spiritual Ideal, with practical principles for achieving it, that is grounded in reason rather than the supernatural.  Changing your worldview and having faith enough to use it in moments of uncertainty is the most difficult transformation a person can make.

April 16, 9:30 & 11:30 — “Transforming Holidays” Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader. Throughout human history, holidays and holy days have offered a way to tell the story of transformation, to bring hope in difficult times. This weekend marks both the Jewish celebration of Passover, and the Christian celebration of Easter. But what about us? Amanda will reflect on the meaning of these and other holidays for humanists, and invite us to imagine how transformation acts in our own lives. Music from the WES Chorus, led by Music Director Bailey Whiteman.

April 23, 9:30 & 11:30 — “Earth Day for Everyone” Khalil Shahyd. Join us for this special presentation about the intersection of environmentalism and affordable housing. Khalil Shahyd’s work focuses on the Energy Efficiency for All Project, which aims to increase utility-funded energy efficiency programs in the affordable multifamily housing sector. He coordinates with NRDC’s affordable housing partners to advocate for efficiency investments in the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. As part of the LEED Neighborhood Development initiative, Shahyd also promotes the expansion of “green” communities in New Orleans.

April 30, 9:30 & 11:30 — “Spring Festival – Be the Change!” Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader; Melissa McCall Sinclair, Director of Lifelong Learning; and friends. Join us for our annual celebration of spring, hope, and change. This year we will reflect on the metamorphosis that happens in our own lives, and how we can be part of the change we wish for the world. Bring a flower to contribute to our community flower arch, and plan to stay for our 1pm Spring Potluck Brunch! We will also welcome several babies into the community with a baby naming ceremony! Music from the WES Chorus, led by Music Director Bailey Whiteman.

Below is the art for this month from our WES 2016-2017 Artist Carol Clayton along with her statement.

Transformation happens everywhere to everything all the time.  Even if we can’t see it – mountains, for instance, or the path of a river-they are constantly, minutely transforming.  Iron rusts.  People age. Food decays.  These are all transformations, all natural.  They are also all physical changes, part of the universe we can touch and see.  There is an unseen world that is more difficult to quantify however.  That is the world of the mind, some would say the spirit.   Here, transformation also happens.  Hearts can open.  Hatred can be transformed to acceptance.  Minds can learn. We evolve, as individuals and as a species, though it often seems we are moving backwards. Transformation works in all directions.

My favorite quote around transformation is this one from the Rev. Martin Luther King-“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”


Click below to hear the song of the month — “Turning of the World”