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WES Blog — Justice. Self-care.

Managing a home and a family and making sure there’s actually food to pack for lunch.

Life, for me, often feels like a constant dance between the things I’d like to be doing, the things I have to be doing, and the things I really should … read more.

Are you looking for an international adventure?!?

Look no further!

Enjoy 11 days with the WES Global Connections’ delegation to El Salvador doing cross-cultural and social justice work, exploring lush, green hills, and getting to know the amazing people of El Rodeo.  


Want to know more???

Come join us at our El Rodeo Delegation … read more.

WES Blog — Eliciting the Best

“Act so as to elicit the best in others, and thereby in ourselves.” What’s that maxim really mean?  Why is it a meaningful aspect of Ethical Culture? This is my take on it in these turbulent times.

Eliciting the best from myself… that seems like it is … read more.

WES Photo Directory! Schedule Your Session Now!

WES is updating our photo directory! It’s exciting news, and we are hoping for 100% participation. Our photo directory helps to connect us as a community, and it helps us know each other, by photo and then hopefully in person. It is always the first … read more.

WES Blog — New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions–it seems to me that life is much more about the choices we make every day. But the other day an infographic in the Washington Post magazine caught my eye, a comparison of the most common resolutions, … read more.

January’s Theme: Intention


January’s Theme is Intention. The theme packet can be found here.


January’s Sunday Platform Addresses

Sunday, January 7 — 9:30 & 11:30am, Main Hall. “Intention to Act: How We Show Up for Anti-Oppression Work” Rev. Archene Turner and Zeb Green. Join Rev. Archene, Affiliated Minister at Cedar Lane UU … read more.

Check out the Newest Group at WES!

Would you like to feel more “close-knit” with other folks in our WES community?  Join our newly forming Knit/Crochet/Fiber Arts Circle!

Are you a beginner and feeling like this might not be a place for you – have no fear we’re beginners too!
Are you an expert … read more.