WES T-SHIRTS! Orders Closing This Week

Join us in kicking off WES’ 75th year!

Order your WES t-shirt (multiple colors, styles, & sizes available!).

Shirts are $30/each for adult sizes and $20/each for youth sizes. T-shirt sales will be open between now and September 8. Once you place your order on the site, you can text in your payment (202-335-1885), pay by check to the WES office, or pay on the website. And, if you find the website confusing when placing your order, feel free to stop by the t-shirt sales table in the lobby between platforms over the next couple of Sundays.

If you’re paying by text message, here is some sample wording:
You’re ordering 2 t-shirts. The total is $60 ($30×2). So you would type the following text –> 60 tshirts

The money raised from these t-shirt sales will go to support Amanda’s 10 Year Celebration! Questions? Feel free to reach out to Trang (trangd@gmail.com) or Robyn (robynk@ethicalsociety.org)

So here’s the summary —
  • Order on this site the t-shirts you want in your preferred size, style and color.
  • Pay via text (202-335-1885) or mail in a check or pay online.
  • Pick up your shirt when they arrive at WES.
  • Wear your shirt as we celebrate WES’ 75th Year!