Still Here, Still Strong rally on Sunday

I invite you to join me, other faith and humanist communities, and people of good will at the Still Here, Still Strong rally this Sunday. The American Humanist Association will be there, and they encourage WES folks to pick up one of their signs! We will … read more.

Amanda’s Return from Sabbatical

I’m baaaaaaaack! I’m so grateful for the six weeks of sabbatical I had this summer, and thankful to all of you for making it possible, especially our great Board and wonderful staff, with the sabbatical leadership of Zebulon Green.

Sabbatical was restorative, a kind … read more.

WES Blog — Reflections from Leadership

It has been a real pleasure these last few weeks serving as the Sabbatical Clergyperson while Amanda has been away.  I appreciate the ability to have gotten greater experience as a leader and a deeper understanding of our community. I’m also thrilled to be able … read more.

WES Blog — Kingian Frameworks

In June I had the privilege to attend the 19th Annual International Nonviolence Summer Institute at the University of Rhode Island.  The purpose of the institute is to train organizers, educators, activists, and other passionate people about the philosophy, tactics, and principles of Dr. Martin … read more.

Afghan Refugee Family Update

It’s been a year since WES’ Refugee Resettlement Team (RRT) welcomed a family from Afghanistan.  To celebrate the completion of the formal six-month mentoring commitment in February, the family and team members gathered for a tasty dinner at a favorite Afghan restaurant.  For some, it … read more.

WES Blog — SEEK This Summer: Maker Space!

“Making is fundamental to what it means to be human. We must make, create and express ourselves to feel whole. There is something unique about making physical things. These things are like little pieces of us and seem to embody portions of our souls”
Mark Hatch, The … read more.

WES Blog — Declaration of Interdependence

Last week many Americans paused in the middle of their week to honor the Fourth of July and commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. For some it is a day of pure jubilation, others a day of scorn, and for … read more.

Letters to Amanda

The team working to coordinate Amanda’s 10 Year Celebration is creating a keepsake for her. They are compiling notes from WES folks to Amanda. These notes can be drawings, letters, pictures, or anything that can be put into a photo album! We hope you’ll consider … read more.