WES Blog — P Is for Pondering on Pledging

It’s spring! P is for purple-pinky red buds bursting out against neon-green, just-emerging tree leaves. And spring comes with a bunch of other P words…peeps, phlox, planting, plawn mowing, and pledging. Yep, spring is WES’s pledge cycle time and we are in the middle of … read more.

WES Blog — Building a Safer Future for All!

“They were my friends. I knew them.” These were words uttered by a young Angela Yvonne Davis as she remarked on the church bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Racists had targeted this church and planted a bomb in the basement … read more.

WES Blog — Humanists, humanists, everywhere!

Wondering why I haven’t responded to your email in a timely manner? Hey, at least this time I have an excuse! 

Last week I spent several days hosting the Humanist Clergy & Organizer Collaboratory, the second iteration of an international gathering of humanists that I co-founded … read more.

Coming soon to a lobby near you…

Dear WES community,

We are excited to share this photo of our new history panels! You will see the real thing the next time you enter the WES building, whether tonight for Wednesdays@WES or this Sunday for Spring Festival.

These panels are the culmination of about two … read more.

WES Blog — Journeys to and In Leadership at WES

In keeping with the March theme of “Journey” (and shamelessly mimicking the title of last Sunday’s platform), the three of us who currently serve on the Lay Leadership Development Committee (LLDC)–Lydia Fettig, Perry Beider, and Julie Grimes–are sharing some reflections about our experiences in serving … read more.

An Update from DC Values #FamiliesBelongTogether

DC Values Means Keeping Immigrant Families Together

We are a coalition of legal providers, people of faith, and community groups advocating for legal resources and universal representation for all DC immigrants.

Thanks to WES members, Ann Baker, John Campbell, Julie Campbell, Justine Johnson, Katherine O’Kester and Ross … read more.

WES Blog — What I get to see…

Sometimes, clergy will talk about the fact that once we head down this path, we can never go back to being “just congregants.” In part because we have a special role to fulfill, which comes with clear boundaries and responsibilities… but also because now we … read more.

WES Blog — 2019-2020 Focus Goals Announcement

Dear WES community,

We are excited to share the just-created, hot-off-the-presses, brand new Focus Goals for the 2019-20 programming year. Consistent with our annual planning schedule, these Focus Goals were created at the Strategy Saturday that happens at the end of January each year. In the … read more.

WES Blog — Fueling WES’ Journey

It’s everyone’s favorite season–pledge season! Who doesn’t love talking about and thinking about money, right? 

Actually, for those of us who are deeply invested in the future of WES, I know that it is a kind of favorite season…because it’s the time when we see what … read more.