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WES Blog — Interim Ministry

“Interim ministry engages with the downsides and upsides of life, of change. It builds a bridge from what was to what will be.

During the next several months, I am reminding myself that I must “trust the process.” The work of … read more.

Expanding Support for Rosa

WES is a partner congregation in this effort to support Rosa and other immigrants. This is an amazing opportunity to make a significant difference in the work around immigration! If you’re interested, you can sign up for the immigration email list to get more info … read more.

Seeking Nominations for the Elliot-Black Award

A Note from the AEU:

We write to solicit nominations for the American Ethical Union’s Elliott-Black Award that will be presented during the 2019 Assembly in Tampa, FL – June 20-23, 2019.

Both John Lovejoy Elliott and Algernon Black were known for their personal courage and … read more.

WES Blog – Trust: Collaboration!

As was evident in my smile, I suspect, I had a great time spending this past Sunday’s platform in conversation with Jé Hooper, storaë michelle, and Elyse Ambrose. We spoke about trust, love, and how to repair broken relationships–and so many nuggets of wisdom came out. … read more.

Help Needed with the Patricia Handy Volunteer Team

Dear Friends,
I’m helping Lula out temporarily, until she feels better, as she is dealing with a bout of medical issues.  Ross and I will be handling February.  Could you please review the dates below and let me know directly which you might be able to … read more.

A New Way to Support Immigrants with WES


If you would like to help WES support targeted immigrants, please check out the WES Immigration Support Team at our monthly meeting on February 12th. We will be in the Meeting Hall from 7–9pm. Pizza and snacks will be … read more.

WES Blog — WES: Trust in a Vibrant Community

It’s 11:02 pm on a Tuesday evening in Baltimore City. Outside, cars slowly pass by. The sky is white. Small, steady snowflakes coat the surfaces. Inside, 11 young people are enjoying lively candlelit conversations with Jill Scott’s “The Way” lightly playing in the background. The … read more.

WES Blog — On Transparency & Trust

In the past year, the company I run took a big step: we decided to open up our email process to be nearly fully transparent to each other. This meant that any employee could see any email sent or received—internally, or to our clients, with … read more.