WES Blog — All About Our Stone Soup Celebration

This Sunday, November 19, is our annual Stone Soup Celebration. The Stone Soup Celebration or Festival is one of Ethical Culture’s core celebrations – a fall celebration of the changing of the seasons observed at most Ethical Societies. I experienced my first Stone Soup at the Chicago Society. Later, I enjoyed Northern Virginia’s Stone Salad Festival (This … Continued

Who’s Picking the Strawberries on Your Table?

Who’s Picking the Strawberries on Your Table? There’s no better time than Thanksgiving not just to show our gratitude for the abundance in our lives, but to reflect on where that abundance comes from. WES family and friends are especially invited to do just that at the screening of the Immigration Film Festival’s feature film, … Continued

WES Blog — A WES Member’s Perspective on Veteran’s Day

As we approach Veterans Day, my work once again has me engaged in the planning of many major events to help highlight the significance of one of our long-standing patriotic holidays. Veterans Day is related to, yet distinct from, Memorial Day, which is specifically reserved to remember those who lost their lives in the now … Continued

Winter Coat Drive

     We invite the whole WES community to provide donations of new or gently-used winter coats over the next three weeks for recently-arrived refugee families in this area.  As you know, the WES Refugee Resettlement Team participates with Lutheran Social Services in the interfaith Good Neighbor Program to orient and advise “our” refugee family … Continued

WES Participates in the Guest at Your Table Program

Pick-up your box a WES starting this Sunday! Mission: To raise funds for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. The UUSC is committed to  shared Unitarian Universalist principles and works at helping challenge injustice throughout the world. Description: Starting November 5, colorful Guest at your Table boxes are available to WES folks (especially members with children). … Continued

November’s Theme: Abundance

The theme we will be exploring in November is Abundance. The theme packet can be found here. Artist Quilt and Statement Abundance means having plenty of something, feeling no shortage of….         It can also mean noticing what you have and being content with it, of realizing that it’s enough. Noticing all that we have … Continued

WES Blog — A Commitment to Joy and Doing Good!

As some of you might know, I have begun–this fall–my tenth year serving as your Senior Leader. That anniversary has me feeling nostalgic, and I’ve been reflecting on why I came to join you in the first place! Those of you who were around in those days remember that I was invited to be the … Continued

WES Blog — Courage and Kindness

This week has had me thinking about an old phrase, so widely used it’s correct attribution is unknown: be kind, because everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Of course in my position I often think about this, since one of the honors of doing what I do is that you all are … Continued