Children’s Garden Update

The garden is going gangbusters!! Check out the corn ��.

Last week, we delivered over 15 lbs of produce to Shepherd’s Table. We got to meet Manny De La Rosa, lead chef!! That haul included the last of the lettuce, basil, mint and patty pan squashes (big ones!!).
This week we harvested our first tomatoes and…wait for it..the first EVER WES sweet �� corn!!! The kids were super interested in seeing corn on the stalk and seeing that it’s just what they eat from the grocery store (we peeled back some of the husk so they could see the corn underneath). Today at Shepherd’s Table we met Alice. Alice was excited to get the tomatoes, corn and squash from the garden. We also gave them several pounds of McCormick spices (cumin, seasoning  salt, onion  powder, ginger, garlic and others) to go along with all the yummy produce we and others are donating.