Ethical Actions to End Gun Violence

To get involved with any of the actions listed below, please contact Senior Leader Amanda Poppei (

Wednesday, March 14 Women’s March Youth Empower is planning Enough! National School Walkout.
SaturdayMarch 24 survivors of Parkland, FL and youth nationwide are planning The March For Our Lives in Washington, DC and in cities around the country.
Friday, April 20 students around the country are planning #NationalSchoolWalkout.
Other actions to #EndGunViolence:
1. Call your Members of Congress and demand the Center for Disease Control be allowed to study gun violence so we can get the facts about how to best end this epidemic. Go to for call scripts and your reps’ phone numbers.
2. Drain The NRA. Join the movement to boycott the gun lobby, gun industry, and their corporate partners. Check out to find a list of businesses that offer discounts to NRA members, and contact their leadership to let them know you plan to boycott their products.
3. If your Member of Congress took money from the NRA, demand they donate that amount to Everytown for Gun Safety. You can find a list of politicians who received NRA money here:
4. Check your investments. Divest from gun companies. Check here: