February’s Theme: Perseverance


February’s Theme is Perseverance. The theme packet can be found here.


February’s Sunday Platform Addresses — 9:30 & 11:30am

Sunday, February 4

“Keep On Fighting…for Peace” Ryane Nickens and Amanda Poppei. Join Amanda and her colleague Ryane, a leader with the Washington Interfaith Network and founder of The TraRon Center, in this unique platform dialogue. Ryane and Amanda will talk about how we persevere in the fight for social justice, even when faced with insurmountable odds. Grounded in Ryane’s personal story as well as her professional work, this dialogue promises to be a moving experience. Music from Maureen Andary.

Sunday, February 11

“Don’t Stop Believing…Hold On to the Feeling” Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader. For our annual Pay Attention to Love Day, Amanda will explore what it takes to persevere in love. In any kind of relationship–romantic, familial, friendship–how do we keep on loving when things get hard? How does love shift and change, and how do we know when it’s time to let go? Amanda will tell stories of loves that held on, even though significant transformations. Music from the WES Chorus.

Sunday, February 18

“Living With Our Bodies,” Zeb Green, Clergy Intern. What does it mean to be healthy? Whether from a sudden illness, a chronic condition, or the natural effects of aging, we all face issues of health and healing.  Join us for an exploration on persevering through the struggle of learning to live and cope with our bodies. Music from Nicole Rumeau.

Sunday, February 25

“perseverance with a small ‘p'” All Music Sunday with WES Chorus and Band, Bailey Whiteman, Music Director. What does it mean to persevere– not through big things, but on a daily basis? Join us as we explore one child’s story of perseverance, and discover our own. This special Sunday will bring a dose of beauty and whimsy to your week, and all the little ways you persevere.


Artist Statement

Perseverance is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. My quilt this month represents my persistence in trying to capture the image and feeling of being inside a slot canyon. I have done similar images many times trying to get it right, to achieve the feeling I’m looking for. This is my latest attempt.
My work is my way of trying to integrate what has happened to me into my life.
“Life’s reality is that we cannot bounce back. We cannot bounce back because we cannot go back in time to the people we used to be. The parent who loses a child never bounces back ….. You know that there is no bouncing back. There is only moving through.
“What happens to us becomes a part of us. Resilient people do not bounce back from hard experiences; they find healthy ways to integrate them into their lives.”
– Eric Greitens

-Donna Radner, WES’ 2017-2018 Theme Artist