June’s Theme: Zest

The theme for the month of June is Zest. The theme packet can be found on the WES website at http://ethicalsociety.org/sundaymorning/theme-packets/.


Below is WES’s 2016-2017 Theme Artist Carol Clayton’s photo and statement:

This was, perhaps, the easiest of all the images I produced this year, in that it always came to mind when I thought of the word “zest”. Okay, this image AND a perfect spiral of bright yellow lemon zest.  I knew I couldn’t use the latter though.  Because I shot it 10 years ago, and because it’s my son’s arm and his daughter, my granddaughter, I kept looking. Too personal, I thought.  Perhaps a climbing friend-but that seemed, while joyful, too strenuous for zest, too muscular.  Zest is happiness that has been shot through with joy, and has a dash of giddiness, just enough to make it contagious to others.  I kept coming back to this image.  Every time I looked at this portrait, I felt all of those things-happy, joyful, and a little giddy.

This year has been so challenging in so many ways, and providing images that were relevant and meaningful for this project, for my beloved spiritual community (I may not attend, yet believe me when I say that WES is truly a cornerstone for me) was one of the greatest, most interesting challenges.  As I define myself, I’m not an “artist”.  I’m a craftsman.  I produce images for money.  I accepted the offer because I wanted to see if I could at least be a photo illustrator. I feel that I reached my goal, some months better than others to be sure.  This month I am satisfied.  That’s a rare treat.  Thank you for allowing me to share my imagination with you.