WES has a long and proud history of social justice work–the Ethical Culture motto of “deed before creed” https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnysilvercloud/grounds us in the knowledge that it is our work together that unites us. Our projects span the range from direct service, like serving meals at Luther Place, to community organizing and advocacy, which includes the first Immigration Film Festival for the DC area, and our work with the Washington Interfaith Network. We partner with Family and Friends of Incarcerated People, working to reduce intergenerational incarceration, and have been active in the ongoing conversation locally and nationally around police tactics and mass incarceration–including a series of Sidewalk Solidarity Actions in support of protestors in Ferguson and across the country (photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnysilvercloud/)

And we work right in our own neighborhood as well as further afield, as our Global Connections initiative builds a longterm relationship with a Salvadorean community. Our Earth Ethics programs promote environmental stewardship, including endorsement of the Earth Charter. We worked on marriage equality issues in the District of Columbia and Maryland, and continue to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

Senior Leader Amanda Poppei testified before DC City Council in support of marriage equality…read her testimony on the Welcoming Congregation page! The Washington Ethical Society has long stood in support of LGBT rights, performing same-sex marriages and welcoming all kinds of families. Join us on Sunday morning and see what it means to be in a religious community where we believe in the inherent worth of all people.