Ethical Culture is a way of living that makes goodness flourish. What are they ways our life can reflect that pursuit? Our lifelong learning program is designed to help us live the ideals of Ethical Culture, by exploring and building skills, ideas, and abits. All the programs are designed for newcomers, long-time members, friends, and everyone!

Listen to a podcast of a platform where Amanda describes our SEEK (Sunday School) program!

Ethical Education Core Values

  • Every person is important and unique.
  • Every person deserves to be treated fairly and kindly.
  • I can learn from everyone.
  • I am part of this earth; I cherish it and all the life upon it.
  • I learn from the world around me by using my senses, mind and feelings.
  • I am a member of the world community which depends on the cooperation of all people for peace and justice.
  • I can learn from the past to build the future.
  • I am free to question.
  • I am free to choose what I believe.
  • I accept responsibility for my choices and actions.
  • I strive to live my values.

Following these core values, WES has developed lifelong learning programs for all ages.

SEEK (Sunday Ethical Education for Kids)


We nurture the ethical development of children and their understanding of themselves and the world around them. We believe that our children should be active participants in their learning through stories, multi-media, crafts, experiments, movement, and discussion as we explore our core values.


SEEK has offerings for every age from infant through high school. These classes rotate through multiple curricula year to year.

  • Nursery – Professional staff provide care for our littlest in the community
  • Preschool – ethics through play and stories
  • K-5th – Explorations of ethics, relationships, and wisdom paths in daily life and opportunities to take age appropriate human sexuality classes (OWL)
  • 6-8th – Comparative religions, human sexuality (OWL), and ethics in the movies.
  • Coming of Age – Teens and parents coming together to learn about the growth through the teenage years.
  • Teen Group – Real world topic discussions, interfaith conferences, Youth of Ethical Societies (YES) conference, and team building.


Our SEEK program is taught by members of the WES community, each of whom feels a strong commitment to our children. We rely on this multigenerational teaching approach to build connections and to foster community. The volunteer teachers work in teams for each age group and are supported and led by the full-time Director of Lifelong Learning.

Hear from WES Member Doug Miller, as he describes why he gives to WES and how it relates to our education programs.