Coming of Age – May All Teens Thrive

The teen years can be challenging. Are you interested in joining a program with your teen which encourages self-discovery, responsibility, decision making skills, and facilitates parent-teen interaction? For almost twenty years, the Washington Ethical Society has successfully supported DC area families to thrive during this critical time of transition through the Coming-Of-Age (COA-MATT) program.

The class went on a rope’s course to experience risk & trust.
On the kick-off weekend retreat, families competed in the Lego Challenge to practice their communication skills & patience with each other.
For the mask making portion of the class, the parents made the mold of their teens face. Later on the teens were given the chance to decorate their mask to help tell their own story.
Inner Quest weekend includes a hike up the mountain. Here is our most recent class getting ready to set out on their hike.
At the end of their inner quest, the teens come back down the mountain and rejoin their parents. Their accomplishments are celebrated at the finish line!