Are you looking for an international adventure?!?

Look no further!

Enjoy 11 days with the WES Global Connections’ delegation to El Salvador doing cross-cultural and social justice work, exploring lush, green hills, and getting to know the amazing people of El Rodeo.  


Want to know more???

Come join us at our El Rodeo Delegation Information Session!

  • Where: Double Classroom (downstairs)
  • When:  Sunday, January 14th, 1pm

Whether you’re thinking about this summer, or one in the future, please join us for an engaging conversation where all your questions will be answered.


The Global Connections team has led delegations to our sister community El Rodeo since 2010. Our delegations have evolved from community meetings prioritizing needs (i.e., access to water, scholarships, and employment) to programs such as establishing a “Little Library” and running an annual dental clinic.


Since 2010, the GC team and El Rodeo have worked closely on achieving what the community identified as its greatest need: access to running, clean water in every home.  Just last November we reached an incredible milestone: construction on the water system has begun! At least one member of every household is participating in the construction, bringing access to clean water in every household closer to reality.


Our upcoming delegation team in June/July will be able to participate in the excitement of the water project, as well as in other great activities. We hope you can join us this summer or in the many years to come!


We look forward to sharing our personal stories about our deep connections with El Rodeo and are happy to answer any questions you may have!


And be sure to come to our January 28th platform, “From Knowing to Understanding: Intention Becomes Reality in El Rodeo” in which recent teen delegates Russell and Jason will share their El Rodeo experiences. You can also reach out to any of our Global Connections team members:

  • Russell Corbin
  • Peggy Goetz
  • Susan Runner
  • Lola Skolnik
  • Karen Storms
  • Heather Vincent
  • Jason Weinfeld
  • Ross Wells
  • Pam Williams


Hope to see you this Sunday!