May’s Theme: Playfulness

The May theme packet can be found here.

May’s Playfulness Platforms:

May 6

“Playful WES!: An Immersive Experience ” Join us this Sunday for a * surprisingly * playful platform. Music from members of Tropic Soul and, along with an exploration of the many kinds of ways that we play! We really hope you won’t miss this one, and we feel pretty sure you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

May 13

” Playful All the Time: A Spoonful of Sugar and Daily Life,” Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader. Amanda explores the way that we can bring playfulness to all aspects of our lives–from parenting to handling our most annoying acquaintances to dealing with the stress of making our way in the world. Using family systems theory and the hunt for our inner child, Amanda invites you on a journey of playful engagement with the world, supported by music from the WES Chorus.

May 20

“Playful or Purposeful: Ethical Culture’s Serious Message” Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader. Felix Adler, the founder of Ethical Culture, was an intense and serious-minded professor. Felix Adler, the circus clown, was…not so serious (among other things, he added a rhinestone to embellish his red nose). Is there a place at WES for both Adlers? WES has increased its serious attention to anti-racism and anti-oppression work in recent years. For some of us, that feels like…well, a lot of work. How do we as a congregation balance our commitment to justice with the reality that many people see WES as a refuge from the “work” of the world? Amanda explores this timely and important topic, supported by music from the WES Chorus.

May 27

“Playful Art: A New Model ” Sanctuaries DC. Join The Sanctuaries DC, a new model of community that brings together artists from many backgrounds with a heart for justice. We promise you won’t have heard something quite like this before! Music from The Sanctuaries musicians.

Song for Playfulness:

Artist’s Statement:

Playfulness —— lighthearted, whimsical, lively, energetic. This quilt represents playfulness which came out of experimenting with new shapes.
“Before there is a breakthrough, there has to be a block. It’s only after we stop searching that the answer might arrive.”
This was certainly my experience with working on this piece. I did not know where to start until I began working directly with the fabrics, cutting shapes and playing with them on a background. Then the piece just evolved.  It came to life, and became a series of three.  Playfulness is how I accessed creativity.
–Donna Radner, 2017-2018 Themes Artist