A Message About the Community Dinner

You will shortly be receiving an email telling you about a special Community Platform on March 5, and asking you to sign up for Pledge Parties. What on earth are Community Platform and Pledge Parties, you ask? These are the events that are replacing Community Dinner this year.
Every spring for many years we have had a tradition of gathering as a community to share a meal together, hearing testimonies from members, and having quite a bit of fun. It is also at this event where we asked people to make their annual pledge for the new fiscal year starting in July. I have loved our gatherings over the years! One of the side effects of our recent growth is that gathering for a sit-down meal in the main hall is a logistical challenge. It’s time to experiment and innovate, so this year we are trying something different. Community Platform will feature with a special guest speaker (watch your email for details!), plus you’ll hear from me about the vision for the 2017-18 year. The Stewardship Team (listed below) and other members have stepped forward to host a series of smaller events we are calling “Pledge Parties” for members throughout March into early April. At those parties, you will be invited to learn more about the vision, share your own hopes, and pledge toward our life together.
More details are coming shortly, and as always I’m happy to hear from you with any questions. Please feel free to contact me or anyone on the Stewardship Team.
Amanda Poppei
Stewardship Team:
Cayo Gamber
Peter Kent
Nora Ludden
Kris Maccubbin
David Pehlke

Perry Saidman