Pastoral Letter from Amanda & Zeb

Dear friends,


A few weeks ago women and sexual assault survivors were fighting to have their experiences recognized. Earlier this week, we saw attempts to erase the existence of trans people and gender nonbinary folx. Those whose rights and privileges have not been challenged yet are wondering whether they will be next. We are hurting. We are all hurting.


Our community is made up of people across the gender spectrum. At WES, in our families and our friendship circles, those we love and hold dear are trans, nonbinary, intersex, and cisgender. Each person is loved and whole. Our community is incomplete without each person. We strive to be open to each person bringing their full self and expression to our community; only then can the true vibrancy of the life we share be realized.


We can only share ourselves as much as we feel safe to do so. Safety is shrinking in the public sphere, or more accurately the violence and bigotry are less hidden. WES speaks of being a sanctuary for our community and our members, and it is our deepest desire to make WES safe for every person to be free to be themselves and express their true identity and gender expression. We recognize that we have work to do. Amanda and Zeb will be looking into ways to provide space for healing, refuge, and education to help ensure that WES lives up to its aspirations in being a sanctuary for our trans and nonbinary community. If you would like to be part of that work, please let us know!


We are always available for conversations and pastoral support. Please reach out to Amanda or Zeb. We are also available for conversations for those of you who–like us!–continue to learn about gender identity. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions…we are happy to learn together.


You are loved. You are whole. No matter what a government memo says, your gender can’t be erased. We are here for you,


Zeb and Amanda