Ethical Culture weddings are performed by certified wedding Officiants. Officiants are trained by the Washington Ethical Society, certified by the American Ethical Union, and authorized by the courts to conduct weddings in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Several of our officiants are bilingual! Officiants meet with couples before the wedding to learn more about the couple and their hopes for their ceremony. We invite you to meet our officiants–and fill out the request form below so that we can match you with an officiant for your ceremony!

Josh Blinder

Each of life’s passages, whether a joyful marriage of two people, the naming of children or the celebration and remembrance of departed loved ones, should reflect the love and devotion of all those whose lives they touch. I would be honored to assist you in creating your celebration and observance so that it is special to you in the moment and special to you in reflection afterwards.

Carol Clayton
“A wedding is an act of faith and a celebration of love.  I am thrilled to help couples create a ceremony that is unique to them, reflecting the happiness, hope, and gravity of the day.  It is my pleasure to preside over the vows you make to each other and your community.”


Jennifer Dreyfus

“Love is an amazing gift – one to be celebrated with the people in your lives.  It is an honor to assist loving couples in designing a wedding that represents their life, love, and values.”


Julie Drizin
“Weddings are a celebration of the transformative power of love. It’s a privilege to help couples craft a memorable ceremony that brings out the best in them as individuals, as a couple, and engages everyone present in one of the most joyful moments in life.”


Mark Maier
“Making a formal commitment to a partner, naming a child or remembering a loved one are some of the most important events in one’s life.  It would be an honor if you allow me to help you plan and officiate at your ceremony. We work together to create a meaningful event, in English or Spanish. I look forward to meeting you.”


Nancy Montagna
“We humans have always used ceremonies to mark the important life passages, births, marriages, and deaths.  As Ethical Culture celebrants we can express the true meaning of these traditional ceremonies uniquely, reflecting the people involved, and without dogma.  I would be honored to create with you a ceremony that feels right to your own heart, including your own vision and values.”


Karen Schofield-Leca
“We mark life passages with ceremonies of celebration and deep meaning, filled with love — for the couple, the new child, the deceased, and our families and friends. As a celebrant, it’s my delight to guide your choices to express your commitment, in ways that reflect your feelings, values, aspirations, and unique style.”

Laura Steele

“Bringing two people together who have declared their commitment to each other and their relationship is an honor I cherish from deep in my heart. Participating in that joy and helping to launch the journey of togetherness is always rewarding and special for all who are witnesses.”

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