Honoring those who have touched our lives deeply or those for whom we have great gratitude is a core expression for Ethical Culture. During times of tragedy, members express their caring with practical assistance and encouragement. Our clergy Leader is available to members for personal counseling by appointment:   Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader.

Naming Your Child
A family’s participation in the WES community creates a circle of people who become a child’s world and culture. How family, friends, and this community relate to each other will determine what conclusions a child draws about how the world works. The annual Naming Ceremony is an opportunity for parents to renew their vows to one another, commit themselves to their child, and ask their community to love their child, respecting his or her uniqueness, and eliciting the best from him or her.

Coming of Age
WES’s renowned coming of age program, COA-MATT, culminates in a celebration that involves the entire WES community, as well as the young adults who have passed through the program and their parents.