A couple celebrates their choice to become partners for life by gathering their families and friends to witness their public expression of love and commitment. An Ethical Society lay leader, who is legally authorized to officiate at weddings, assists each couple to design their ceremony. With music, readings, rituals, and vows, a couple uniquely expresses their personal sense of love and marriage. The celebration itself provides a joining of two families and expresses their spiritual aspirations for the marriage. Officiants acknowledge people who are important to them and ask their guests to be active participants in their lives. WES Officiants welcome and celebrate couples of all kinds, and extend a special welcome to the LGBTQ community.

Those whom we love are not given to us merely for our joy and happiness. Their truest ministry consists in being to us the revealers of the divine. They quicken in us the seed of better thoughts; they help us estimate rightly the things that are worth trying for; they help us become more equal to the standard of our own best insight and grow into our truer selves.”   – Felix Adler