RRT Collections for Refugees

A note from Sue Smith, Refugee Resettlement Team Coordinator:

I was inspired by what Faiz Shakir, ACLU National Political Director, said at the nationwide town hall People Power kick-off event last Saturday.  He advocated an equal but opposite reaction to president Trump’s hate agenda, our love agenda that reflects our values.  ( I’m paraphrasing)  For everything that he does, we respond with an equal and opposite positive reaction.  So if he wants to beat up on Muslims, we show up at mosques with positive and welcoming signs; if he wants to go after immigrants, how about we go to a naturalization ceremony and welcome new citizens; if he wants to beat up on refugees, how about we find locale refugees and have a potluck for them.

I think this is an approach we can all feel good in taking.  One such action is the drive to collect goods that refugee families are in need of right now.  If you can spare a gently used item from the first list below or add an item from the 2nd list to your next shopping trip, and bring to the RRT table at WES on Sunday, that would be much appreciated.

1 Lutheran Social Services (WES’s resettlement agency partner) has requested:

  • Blankets
  • Alarm clocks
  • Car seats

2 A Wider Circle’s clients have need for:

Healthy non-perishable food

Whole grain pasta

Brown rice

Low-sodium canned beans

Dried beans and lentils

Low-Sodium vegetable soup

Low-sugar oatmeal

Low-sodium canned vegetables

Personal car items


Toothpaste & Toothbrushes

Wet Wipes

Toilet Paper





Non-toxic cleaning supplies

Dish soap


Toilet cleaner & brushes

Laundry detergent

Cleaning sprays

Mops & brooms

WES is also beginning to plan a dinner for refugee families.  If you are interested in brainstorming around what type of event his could be or would like to join in the planning, please email Sue Smith at suzhome2@verizon.net.  It will be a great opportunity to respond with loving values of kindness and compassion.