RRT needs Transportation Coordinator

The Refugee Resettlement Team needs Transportation Coordinator

If you would like to take part in helping a refugee family resettle in this area, but haven’t committed yet, this opportunity may be for you. WES is about to be matched with a refugee family who are expected to arrive within a month. Committees are busy preparing to welcome, provide food, and a comfortable home, but someone is still needed to coordinate transportation. Initially the family may rely on WES for rides, directions, and companionship to appointments, but over time the need will decrease as they learn to navigate on their own. There are already four people on the committee willing to give rides or help teach the family how to get around the area, as well as a pool of volunteers who would help out if asked.  What is needed is someone to coordinate them to make sure our family’s transportation needs are covered. This job will be simplified using a site called Lotsahelpinghands.com, where a “community” called “WES Refugee Resettlement Team” has already been created. Specific needs will be posted, and someone from the pool of volunteers can sign-up to fulfill the request. A background check is necessary for this position, but easy to obtain if you don’t already have one. If you are interested please email Sue Smith (240-281-0102) for a full description and answers to any questions.