RRT Welcomes Proceeds from WES Tonight

Refugee Resettlement Team Welcomes Proceeds from WES Tonight

If you already have your tickets or you plan to see WES Tonight (WEStonight.eventbrite.com) on Saturday, the Refugee Resettlement Team will have you to thank for helping finance this important initiative. While our progress in welcoming a newly arriving refugee family has been temporarily interrupted, we are hoping soon to begin a relationship with a family already in our area. The proceeds from your ticket purchase will be used to provide the much needed temporary assistance to allow newcomers to adjust and ultimately to thrive.

As the Refugee Resettlement Team reels from the revised but equally misguided executive order halting the entry of refugees for at least another 4 months, we find our mission must expand to include advocacy in a big way. Statements by resettlement agencies, those serving on the front lines, journalists, talk shows, editorials, and numerous protests have made little difference to the Trump administration’s view. We may not be able to change their minds, but we can impede the dangerous law making. Fortunately our democracy has checks and balances, and we are seeing the judicial branch exercise its full authority. Our legislators can resist as well, but many more need to be convinced, as the statement from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service puts it, “To close our nation’s doors on those who are simply seeking safety and protection is shameful and misguided.” Our democracy depends on us now and the RRT is planning events to facilitate your interaction with legislators, and join with the ongoing organizing to maximize citizen impact.

For more information, please contact Sue Smith (suzhome2@verizon.net).