The Board Development Committee of the American Ethical Union is seeking candidates to run for election to positions on the Board of Trustees and/or as officers at the next AEU Assembly in July. Participation by the broadest range of member organizations in the AEU will help assure the vitality of the Ethical Movement and the effectiveness of its democratic institutions.

The Board of Directors is the principal governing body of the American Ethical Union outside of the annual Assembly of organization delegates. Directorship is a responsible position bearing fiduciary duties and requiring fidelity, confidentiality, non-conflict of interest and prudence under both the by-laws and the laws of the State of New York, under which the AEU is organized. The Board of Directors is composed of nine elected members who each serve for a three year term. (Two additional Directors are appointed by the National Leaders Council.) Three positions are up for election each year at the annual Assembly. A Director may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Participation on the Board will require attendance at seven meetings a year. Travel, lodging, and meal expenses are not automatically reimbursed at this time, so each Director must be prepared to bear these costs. Such expenditures may be tax-deductible to the Director. To the extent resources permit, some expenses may be reimbursable to someone residing far from the east coast if that would encourage participation. In addition, there are conference call meetings and email correspondence. It is expected that Directors will be generally proficient with the use of email, computer/ electronic communications and the internet. There is an expectation that all Directors will be committed and engaged and that they will participate in committee activities and make funding contributions to the organization as well.

For any member in good standing whom your organization may recommend for nomination to the Board, please send a letter, a resume and contact information to the AEU Office, Attn: The Board Development Committee, at its main offices at 2 West 64th St., New York, N.Y. 10025 or to the email address no later than April 21, 2017. The Board Development Committee will assemble a slate of candidates that may include more than the slots that are open, in which case the delegates attending the Assembly will choose among them.

In addition, an individual may run independently of the official slate for election to the Board as a director or as an officer (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer). Persons seeking to present themselves as independent candidates for board director positions must submit a petition containing ten (10) signatures. Persons seeking to present themselves as independent candidates for officer positions must submit a petition containing the signatures of fifty (50) members representing at least five (5) different Societies. Officers must also be Directors. Petitions would have to be submitted to the AEU office prior to April 21, 2017.

By clicking on the links here you will be able to view and download the Board Application Form and the Requirements/Expectations Overview as well as the Petition Form for those interested in representing themselves. For any additional information or clarification you may require, please do not hesitate to contact the AEU Office by calling Law’nence (L) Miller at (212) 873-6500 or writing to

The following Societies will already have a representative on the AEU Board at the time of the next election and will not be eligible to nominate another candidate:

  • Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County
  • Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
  • Chicago Ethical Humanist Circle
  • New York Society for Ethical Culture
  • Ethical Society Mid Rivers
  • Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia

DON’T FORGET – – there are committees which need your help, too. Bring your expertise, interest, energy and passion to the whole Ethical Movement by joining an AEU committee. Encourage your membership to call (212-873-6500) or write ( to the AEU office and inquire today.