Speaker: Amanda Poppei

A Brighter Future Is Possible

Each week we say, in our candlelighting, that we work to build a brighter future for all. Some weeks–some years, even–it feels that future is very far away. Join Amanda and Rajesh to take a look at what brighter futures have been created recently, by … read more.

Anything’s Possible

Sure, anything might be possible–especially at the start of a fresh new year–but how do we move from possible to probable? Amanda will explore the challenge of finding your path when the range of possibilities feels more overwhelming than exciting. Avoiding decision fatigue, letting go … read more.

The Mysteries We Solve

What happens when we die? How do we know if we are making the right decision about something? What the heck is the meaning of life? Join us for a platform in turns playful and serious as we all have an opportunity to ask, and answer, the … read more.

The Mystery Within: The Mystic and Humanism

Winter is a time to burrow in, to wrap ourselves in blankets and draw our attention inward. Paradoxically, though, going inward can actually connect us more deeply with all that is around us–with the oneness of all. Amanda explores the traditions of inward renewal, and … read more.

The Mystery Without: The Cosmos and Us

What exactly is out there? How do we fit into the big wide world? And does contemplating the concept of multiverses and infinite galaxies make us seem incredibly tiny…or full of awe…or both? Join Amanda to explore the great story of the universe and how … read more.

The Mystery Among Us: Human Culture Across Time

How did religion begin? Why did so many cultures build pyramids? Where did language come from? Take a fascinating tour of human history–and the mysterious current that binds us together–with Amanda and our special guest, Dr. Kusimba, professor of anthropology at American University. Music from … read more.

Remembrance Day

As we begin our exploration of Memory, join us for this meaningful Sunday–the time each year that we honor those we have lost & consider how their memories continue to change our lives. Poet Gayle Danley will join us to share her words & wisdom.

Family Stories

Join Senior Leader Amanda Poppei and Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd (Senior Minister, River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation) as we weave together stories of humanist ancestors (from the broadest possible sense of inclusion) and humanist descendants.

Is There Sanctuary For Us on Earth?

Amanda will explore the concept of sanctuary–as in refuge, a place of safety–and how we do, and don’t, experience these places of safety in our lives.