Amanda Poppei

Spring Festival – Be the Change!

9:30 & 11:30am. Join us for our annual celebration of spring, hope, and change. This year we will reflect on the metamorphosis that happens in our own lives, & how we can be part of the change we wish for the world. 

Transforming Holidays

9:30 & 11:30am. Throughout human history, holidays & holy days have offered a way to tell the story of transformation, to bring hope in difficult times. This weekend marks both the Jewish Passover, & the Christian Easter. But what about us? Amanda will reflect on the meaning of these and other holidays for humanists. April 16, 2017, … Continued

Tearing It All Down

9:30 & 11:30am. We live in a capitalist society, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Or is there? Amanda examines what would happen if we radically reimagined our society. What would we envision for a world that was just for all? Come hear about capitalism, socialism, & anarchy! Music from Josh Blinder.

Money Makes the World Go Round (?)

9:30am & 11:30am. Often when we think about risk our mind goes to the stock market…investments, risk and reward, high-yield bonds. In fact, often our mind goes to money for all kinds of reasons. Amanda will explore our complicated relationship with money, income, socioeconomic status, and more.

Generation to Generation

9:30am & 11:30am. In this “auction” platform, Amanda will explore the idea of generational identity–and what gifts and challenges we find being part of a truly multi-generational community like WES. Or in other words, will we ever agree on what counts as popular music? We will also welcome new members in a special ceremony. Music … Continued

To Thine Own Self Be True: Pay Attention to Love Day

Platform Service, 9:30am & 11:30am. “To Thine Own Self Be True: Pay Attention to Love Day” Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader. As we mark our annual celebration of love, we focus on loving…ourselves! What does it look like, feel like, sound like when we truly love ourselves, just as we might hope to love someone else, … Continued

Heroes Every Day

9:30am & 11:30am. Who are the people who have been our heroes in this past year? Who has restored YOUR faith in human goodness? And how can we be heroes ourselves? Join us for this heart-full platform. Music from the DC Labor Chorus.

We Hold the Vision Now

9:30am & 11:30am Services.  As we move into a new presidential administration, whatever thought we had of being bystanders must be set aside. We are now the ones who must hold a vision for America, and who must act to make that vision come true. How are we called to be in the months ahead? … Continued

Envisioning a New Future

10:30 Service. Join us for this platform as we begin the new year together. What are you ready to say goodbye to from 2016 (maybe…all of 2016?!)? What intentions will you set for the year to come? This multigenerational platform will feature music from Lilo Gonzalez.

Don’t Unwrap, Unplug

9:30 & 11:30 Service. Six shopping days until Christmas. Five until Hanukkah. Don’t forget the kids’ teachers and the neighbors. Make sure the decorations are perfect. Pick up the yule log. Wait a second…are we doing this right? Join Amanda as she considers what an unplugged holiday season might look like, and what it means … Continued