Speaker: Amanda Poppei

Is There Sanctuary For Us on Earth?

Amanda will explore the concept of sanctuary–as in refuge, a place of safety–and how we do, and don’t, experience these places of safety in our lives.

SEEKing a Vision

What is the point of sending your child to a humanist Sunday School? Why should we even have children and youth as part of a congregation like ours? Amanda will explore how a community like WES is different than anything else in our children’s lives.

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Ask Me Anything

Always a favorite, this platform features YOUR questions, and Amanda’s attempts at an answer! Send them ahead of time to amandap@ethicalsociety.org, or be prepared to write them down that morning. Music from Bailey Whiteman.

Put Down Your Phone!

Join Amanda as she explores the hold that phones–and our other gadgets–have on us. Are they all bad? Is it a generational thing? (Spoiler alert: not entirely). Amanda will rely on research & conversation with our teens…as well as her own phone-breaks during her sabbatical.
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Making Up Our Own Story

Amanda will return from her sabbatical to share with us the idea of chapters in the stories of our lives–& how we can write our own, with ourselves as the hero, the villain, the sidekick, or all three! Join us to look at family systems.
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All In the Family

We might feel very lucky about the family we were born into, or the family we created, or we might feel acutely a sense of struggle with our family roots. How do we–as children, as parents, as siblings–reconcile the complicated feelings.

Feeling Lucky, Being a Blessing?

This month we explore the theme of luck–which many with more traditional religious frameworks might call blessing. What is the humanist response to the concept of blessing? How do we experience our own luckiness (or unluckiness)? And how can we change someone else’s luck?

Playful All the Time: A Spoonful of Sugar and Daily Life

Amanda explores the way that we can bring playfulness to our lives–from parenting to handling our most annoying acquaintances to dealing with the stress of making our way in the world. Using family systems theory & the hunt for our inner child.

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Becoming Whole: A Humanist Response to Suffering

What happens when we experience deep pain–grief, loss, betrayal? Traditional religions might tell us there is a plan or a purpose to our pain. What does humanism have to say about how we emerge from the deepest struggles of our lives?