Amanda Poppei

Playful All the Time: A Spoonful of Sugar and Daily Life

Amanda explores the way that we can bring playfulness to our lives–from parenting to handling our most annoying acquaintances to dealing with the stress of making our way in the world. Using family systems theory & the hunt for our inner child.

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Becoming Whole: A Humanist Response to Suffering

What happens when we experience deep pain–grief, loss, betrayal? Traditional religions might tell us there is a plan or a purpose to our pain. What does humanism have to say about how we emerge from the deepest struggles of our lives?

Becoming Wise: A Fool’s Journey Through Life

Sometimes we refer to world religions as “wisdom traditions”–but do they always reward the wise? Exploring the concepts of Beginner’s Mind in Zen Buddhism and the concept of the “holy fool,” Amanda will invite us to consider what it takes to emerge wiser.

Balanced Checkbook, Balanced Life

Remember the register in the front of your checkbook, before we paid for everything online? Those entries meant more than just whether you had money in your checking account. Join Amanda as she examines living a “balanced” life. Music from Johnnie Buzek & friends.

Don’t Stop Believing…Hold On to the Feeling

For our annual Pay Attention to Love Day, Amanda will explore what it takes to persevere in love. In any kind of relationship–romantic, familial, friendship–how do we keep on loving when things get hard? 

Keep On Fighting…for Peace

Join Amanda and her colleague Ryane, a leader with the Washington Interfaith Network and founder of The TraRon Center, in this unique platform dialogue. Ryane and Amanda will talk about how we persevere in the fight for social justice, even when faced with insurmountable odds.
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Our Life Together, Intentionally

What does it mean to be intentional about our shared community life? How do we show up in this space in a way that welcomes all, that makes space for different identities and experiences, and that honors our diversity while also celebrating our shared … read more.

Don’t Just Dream, Organize

This MLK weekend, join Amanda in a reflection on the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.–not his legacy of beautiful words and inspiring vision, but his legacy of long-term, community-based organizing. How do we take our intentions to build a better … read more.