Melissa Sinclair

Welcome to WES!

Imagine you were a traveler from a far-off land, or another time…or even just a different Ethical Society! When you arrived at WES for the first time, what would you find? Would you understand our language, our customs, our (humanist) rituals? Together we will imagine welcoming the stranger to our unique and ever-changing community.

You Are Loved: The Broken Truth

Ethical Culture Leader in Training and artist Je Hooper will join Amanda and Melissa to tell the story of the broken truth that tells us we are loved…and help us find  the whole truth that completes the puzzle. Music from award-winning percussionist Tom Teasley.

Spring Festival – Be the Change!

9:30 & 11:30am. Join us for our annual celebration of spring, hope, and change. This year we will reflect on the metamorphosis that happens in our own lives, & how we can be part of the change we wish for the world. 

Living and Learning Our Ethical Culture Identity

9:30am & 11:30am. Most people come to Ethical Culture through other religions​–​with very little ​initial ​understanding of what Ethical Culture ​really ​is and no idea of its history. Melissa will highlight the Core Values of Ethical Culture​, including how we teach them to our children and experience them as adults,​ and share what it means … Continued