Speaker: Zeb Green

Remembrance Day

As we begin our exploration of Memory, join us for this meaningful Sunday–the time each year that we honor those we have lost & consider how their memories continue to change our lives. Poet Gayle Danley will join us to share her words & wisdom.

Masks We Wear

Please join Clergy Intern Zeb Green for a reflection on how the masks we wear can act as our sanctuary, our escape, and sometimes the freedom to truly be ourselves. Masks and costumes are fully welcomed this Sunday. 

Varied Perspectives

Join Clergy Intern Zeb Green as we continue our exploration of Vision. We each perceive the world in unique ways shaped by our background, experiences, and dominant senses. How do we create a common vision that honors our diverse perspectives?

Visionary Fiction: Hope and New Worlds

It has been said that all community organizing is an act of speculative fiction. People look at the world & try to imagine ways to change it to create a more just future. We’ll explore how science fiction & fantasy stories can be an inspiration.


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Becoming Just: Building an Anti-Oppressive Community

We will explore what it means to be a justice building community. Justice & anti-oppression work is an ongoing process, always on the cusp, always emerging. It’s work that keeps going & has no finish line. We find justice through the continuous struggle to live it.
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Balancing Our Identities

Join Clergy intern Zeb Green as he reflects on balancing the dynamics of coming from a Unitarian Universalist background with serving a dually-affiliated Ethical Society. We all carry multiple identities and struggle when they conflict with each other. Music from WES Chorus.

Living With Our Bodies

What does it mean to be healthy? Whether from a sudden illness, a chronic condition, or the natural effects of aging, we all face issues of health and healing.  Join us for an exploration on persevering through the struggle of learning to live and cope.
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