Earth Day for Everyone

9:30 & 11:30am. Join us for this special presentation about the intersection of environmentalism & affordable housing. Khalil Shahyd’s work focuses on the Energy Efficiency for All Project, which aims to increase utility-funded energy efficiency programs in the affordable multifamily housing sector. He coordinates with NRDC’s affordable housing partners to advocate for efficiency investments.   9:30 … Continued

Transforming Holidays

9:30 & 11:30am. Throughout human history, holidays & holy days have offered a way to tell the story of transformation, to bring hope in difficult times. This weekend marks both the Jewish Passover, & the Christian Easter. But what about us? Amanda will reflect on the meaning of these and other holidays for humanists. April 16, 2017, … Continued

Can You Believe in Good?

9:30am & 11:30am. Felix Adler founded the Ethical Society on a concept of the Spiritual Ideal, with practical principles for achieving it, that is grounded in reason rather than the supernatural.  Changing your worldview and having faith enough to use it in moments of uncertainty is the most difficult transformation a person can make.   April 9, … Continued