Visionary Fiction: Hope and New Worlds

It has been said that all community organizing is an act of speculative fiction. People look at the world & try to imagine ways to change it to create a more just future. We’ll explore how science fiction & fantasy stories can be an inspiration.

Making Up Our Own Story

Amanda will return from her sabbatical to share with us the idea of chapters in the stories of our lives–& how we can write our own, with ourselves as the hero, the villain, the sidekick, or all three! Join us to look at family systems.

Put Down Your Phone!

Join Amanda as she explores the hold that phones–and our other gadgets–have on us. Are they all bad? Is it a generational thing? (Spoiler alert: not entirely). Amanda will rely on research & conversation with our teens…as well as her own phone-breaks during her sabbatical.

Ask Me Anything

Always a favorite, this platform features YOUR questions, and Amanda’s attempts at an answer! Send them ahead of time to, or be prepared to write them down that morning. Music from the WES Chorus.