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Stone Soup: WES’ Own Abundance

Join us for our annual celebration of abundance, as we retell the story of the magic soup created by just a few stones…and a community’s acts of generosity. This year, we will honor members of WES who have given abundantly of their time and love over the years. Lunch will be at 1pm.

Gratitude as Resistance

With Thanksgiving fresh in our mind, we will explore how gratitude can be an act of cultural resistance. Our society tells us to always want more, to be more. This week we’ll take a moment to reflect on the abundance in our lives & how grounding ourselves in gratitude can sustain us in our work.

Should We Keep Hope Alive?

What does it mean to have hope in the world today? Is it a good idea–or even possible? Amanda will explore the interaction of lamentation, solidarity, and that elusive hope, drawing on the work of Miguel de la Torre and others. Music from the WES Chorus.

Winter Festival Platform Service & Show

Winter Festival is our December celebration: a multigenerational performance that incorporates music, an original play, and activities. WES members, both children and adults, act in the play, sing the music, and do everything else to make it a silly, fun, moving, sweet time. It’s centered around the values of Love, Hope, Peace, Joy, and Giving.


The Solace of Poetry (Note- 1 Service at 10:30am)

Nationally award-winning poet Gayle Danley returns to WES for a special morning of poetry and music. Interweaving her own work with music from Bailey Whiteman and friends, Gayle will explore our theme of hope.