Generation to Generation

9:30am & 11:30am. In this “auction” platform, Amanda will explore the idea of generational identity–and what gifts and challenges we find being part of a truly multi-generational community like WES. Or in other words, will we ever agree on what counts as popular music? We will also welcome new members in a special ceremony. Music … Continued


Risking It All for the World

9:30am & 11:30am. “Risking It All for the World” Congressman Jamie Raskin, joined by Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader. Join Rep. Raskin as he imagines what the world could look like with the strong leadership of communities like WES, and Amanda as she invites us to envision what that leadership can be in the year to … Continued

Teen Platform

9:30am & 11:30am. You won’t want to miss the WES Teens put on their annual platform as they explore the theme of risk from their own perspectives, and how it applies to their own lives as teenagers in the greater Washington DC area.  The teens will also offer an opportunity for audience participation in a … Continued

Money Makes the World Go Round (?)

9:30am & 11:30am. “Money Makes the World Go Round (?)” Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader. Often when we think about risk our mind goes to the stock market…investments, risk and reward, high-yield bonds. In fact, often our mind goes to money for all kinds of reasons. Amanda will explore our complicated relationship with money, income, socioeconomic … Continued

Risking Connection, Risking Failure: All Music Platform

9:30am & 11:30am, Main Hall. “Risking Connection, Risking Failure: All Music Platform.”  WES Chorus, Bailey Whiteman, Music Director. As has become a tradition, the WES Chorus will again fill the platform with words and song, this year exploring how we risk, and what we gain. From the first moments to the closing words, we will … Continued