WES to Host Humanist Clergy Collaboratory

The Humanists Are Coming! The Humanists Are Coming!
Well, the clergy, that is. Amanda has co-founded, along with Rabbi Jeffrey Falick and Rev. Dr. David Breeden, the first-ever Humanist Clergy Collaboratory, bringing together clergy serving humanists from multiple different traditions–Ethical Culture, Unitarian Universalism, secular humanistic Judaism, and more. The idea is to build relationships among clergy with common values, beliefs, and often history…but who rarely know each other or work together. By developing connections, we can serve our own congregations and chaplaincies better and also create a stronger movement overall. The Collaboratory, which is funded in part by the UU Funding Panel and by donations from WES members and others, will happen on Monday, March 27 and Tuesday, March 28.
About a dozen WES members are providing home hospitality to visiting clergy–thank you! We could also use support from WES members to help the day and a half of the Collaboratory go smoothly. People are needed to help direct parking, meet the caterers, and otherwise provide the kind of hospitality and welcome that WES is known for! Please let Amanda know if you can volunteer for any portion of the day (or Monday evening) by emailing her at amandap@ethicalsociety.org.