Courage to See America–and Ourselves

At the request of Black Lives of UU, WES will explore core anti-racism concepts and turn the lens on our own culture, to see more clearly how white culture and a preference for whiteness shows up in our community.

The Rituals of Restoration During Grief

Rev. Pratima Dharm will speak on the topic of grief as a common human emotion experienced by people of all cultures around the globe. Though, the rituals of grief and their observances can be unique depending on particular regional and religious influences, shedding of tears are the most common human expression connected with grief.

Courage to Be Ourselves

We often have to hide parts of our selves, either because they are explicitly unwelcome or because we imagine them to be so. Amanda will share stories of the courageous among us, who have found ways to be fully themselves, despite all odds. Music from singer/songwriter LEA.

Courage for the Resistance…and the Relationships

Many of us are engaged in social justice work, or political action, seeking to change the recent direction of our country. How do we maintain hope and build up our bravery for that work? And, at the same time, how do we stay true to our Ethical Culture principles? Music from the WES Chorus.