Immigration: Embodying Our Values

11:30am (at WES). Join us for this very special platform as actors from Silver Spring’s Forum Theatre share scenes from their new play, “Building the Wall,” join members of WES who have been working on issues around immigration and deportation. This will be a challenging and inspiring platform–one not to miss. Music from the WES Chorus.

Into the Woods!

9:30am (at the campsite) Join Amanda at the WES Camping Trip for a special platform around the picnic tables. The woods often call to us as a place of escape and mystery. What does it means to get lost in the woods? How do we embody the journey of the woods in our own lives?

Founder’s Day: The Way We Were

9:30am & 11:30am. “Founder’s Day: The Way We Were” Cayo Gamber, Sera Morgan, Perry Saidman, and Amanda Poppei. Ten years ago, WES was in the midst of transition–a capital campaign, a building renovation, a Leader search. We look back at this moment in time and celebrate the leap of faith WES members took.

Parenting to Transcend: Teaching, Protecting & Loving Black Bodies

We will continue to explore Embodiment with a emphasis on the black body. What does it mean to have a black body in current society? What does it mean to mother a black child? We will explore the lessons and tools that are critical to nurture, protect, love and transcend the threats to the black body.

Risk Your Heart to Love Again

9:30 & 11:30am. Come explore with us the risk of shutting down and shutting out others, and the risk we take when instead we open up to connections, relationship and vulnerability.  This is what it means to be Human. Rev. Rachel Christensen is a UU minister from Orlando, Florida.  She was Intern Minister at the First … Continued