Getting Down and Dirty For Hope

9:30am & 11:30am — Chioma Iwuoha, Founder of Melanin Uprising Youth Collective. If the things you hoped for were to happen today, would you be ready? Hear from Chioma Iwuoha on how to get prepared to receive the things you hope to call forth in … read more.

Winter Festival Platform Service & Show

Winter Festival is our December celebration: a multigenerational performance that incorporates music, an original play, and activities. WES members, both children and adults, act in the play, sing the music, and do everything else to make it a silly, fun, moving, sweet time. It’s centered … read more.

Should We Keep Hope Alive?

What does it mean to have hope in the world today? Is it a good idea–or even possible? Amanda will explore the interaction of lamentation, solidarity, and that elusive hope, drawing on the work of Miguel de la Torre and others. Music from the WES … read more.