Summer of Love

The Limits of Authenticity

10:30am. Join John Crestwell as he tackles the complicated relationship between individuality, authenticity, and embodying the sacred.

Telling the Truth in Love: A Question Platform

10:30am. Join Amanda for this always popular “question and answer” platform. Send her your questions about ethics, social justice, WES, and more ahead of time, or just bring your questions with you–you’ll have an opportunity to write them down. Amanda will address as many as she has time for! Music from the WES Chorus.

Awakening in the Anthropocene: Responding with Heart to Collective Crisis

What does it mean to live in accordance with Buddhist principles in the context of global climate change, and its connection with other social ills, racism in particular? Kristin will share her own journey into the intersection of Buddhist practice with socio-ecological crises and how they can inspire, inform and sustain a heart-filled response.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

10:30am. Carol Clayton, Anthony Cruz, and JT Halbert. WES Members and friends reflect on finding what (not whom) they love in their lives.

Calling In, Calling Out, and Our Calling to Community

Engagement with anti-racism and other social justice work often includes the experience of making mistakes & even worse, having them pointed out! How can we develop our muscle both to we hear criticism, & to we give it? Amanda will explore the idea  & reflect on how we learn together. Music from Lilo Gonzalez.

Free Time: The Forgotten American Dream

10:30am. “Free Time: The Forgotten American Dream,” Carl Gregg. Playing on the history of the Labor Movement, how we got the 40 hour work week—and how it isn’t written in stone and could decrease again in a way that rethinks how we order society and our time. Music from the DC Labor Chorus.

Choosing Hope, Community, & Meaning: Reflections on Richard Rorty

10:30am. Drawing on the work of the late philosopher, who as the grandson of the Social Gospel pioneer Walter Rauschenbusch, presents a secularized version of the Beloved Community, although he doesn’t use those words. Music from Cynthia Marie.

Black. Female. Leader: Reflections on Social Justice Work in ​Majority White Communities

10:30am. Discover what it takes to be an advocate for social justice education as a 6 foot, black, female, administrator, with dreadlocks in majority white independent schools. Stephanie will explore her own journey, while reflecting on the lessons it has for any majority white community seeking to support black leadership. ​Music from singer/songwriter Maureen Andary.

Relationship Building: WES’ Grounding and Growing Love

10:30am. How do we build a culture in a community like ours–one that values communication and allows us to navigate conflict well? Amanda, joined by words from Jo London and Bob Pokorney, will reflect on WES’ historical Relationship Building curriculum and the ways that work informs our unfolding culture. Music from Josh Blinder.

You Are Loved: The Broken Truth

Ethical Culture Leader in Training and artist Je Hooper will join Amanda and Melissa to tell the story of the broken truth that tells us we are loved…and help us find  the whole truth that completes the puzzle. Music from award-winning percussionist Tom Teasley.