Upcoming Wi$dom Path Adult Education Class

Class time: 12 Friday evenings beginning on November 2.

Questions? Please contact Linda Ward <neverletgoofthesled@gmail.com>.


Does talking about money make you uncomfortable?


Depending on how we approach and understand it, our relationship with money can enhance or limit our ability to live our lives to the fullest.


This class is not about how to make more money, but how to be more comfortable with the topic.  By investigating the topic of money from many angles and perspectives, this workshop ultimately opens the way for money to become less troublesome in day-to-day life and more useful as a practical, life-giving tool. Participants explore ways to make real, meaningful changes that bring their financial lives into better alignment with their values.


It is not easy to talk about money, because money is entangled with our sense of self, our wants and aspirations, and our challenges and disappointments. It has complicated social dimensions and dynamics.


In this program, participants join together to give this important aspect of our lives due attention. The heart of this program is an exploration of the relationship between money and our values.


Participants become better equipped to live into value-led lives that are more full and are supported, rather than hindered, by financial realities and possibilities. Talking about money in an intentional way, exploring this part of our lives in a safe community, invites participants to become more grounded, skilled, and powerful in negotiating financial challenges and changes, not only in their personal lives but also in their work for economic health and justice in neighborhoods, communities, our nation, and our world.


Come join us in making this uncomfortable topic less uncomfortable and more intentional.



This program will:
– Help participants explore the place of money in their personal and community lives;
– Present opportunities for participants to explore and articulate individual financial histories and values;
– Invite participants to identify and evaluate social and religious teachings, practices, and values with regard to wealth and virtue;
– Help participants explore the different experiences individuals and groups have had with money;
– Invite participants to consider the effects of their economic decisions in their communities and in the wider world;
– Introduce emerging values-based economic innovations to participants and invite them to engage with innovative economic systems;
– Invite participants to consider and articulate what value-led earning, value-led spending, value-led investing, and value-led giving mean to them;
– Provide a process for participants to develop personal credos and action plans for wise, meaningful, and value-led and ethically healthy financial living.


We invite people to try to attend all the classes, understanding that this may not be possible. Each class builds on the one before–and we expect that the small group engaged in this work will also grow in trust and relationship with each other as the course goes on.