Wednesdays at WES

Join us Wednesdays at WES! For parents and young people who are in the building, we are piloting opportunities to more intimately connect and deepen our connections in community.

@6:00 pm Family Dinner
@6:25 pm Transitions
@6:30 pm Youth Voices (with Bailey), Jam Session, Childcare
@6:30 pm Parents’ Space Parents’ Space lasts until 7:15 pm.
@7:00 pm Teen Time
@7:05 pm Kids’ Hangout Zone, Adult Chorus Rehearsal
@7:30 pm OWL Teachers’ Meeting
@8:00 pm First Child & Kid pick up window

For the Kids’ Hangout Zone please invite your child to bring homework, games, music, movies, etc.

The WES Team is so excited to be cultivating this space for you all. Please feel free to make donations so that we can make W@W sustainable. All donations are welcome. You may also give by text.