Week of Action: April 26-May 2

AEU is joining other Secular Coalition for America members in Week of Action April 26-May 2, 2019. Staff from the various organizations have worked together to develop a shareable image (attached), “elevator pitch” (text below), timeline (listed below), and Facebook page + Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/secularweekofaction). Your Society’s actions/projects can be added as Facebook events to the Facebook page.

Next steps/timeline for Week of Action:

  • January: The Action Packet and website (weekofaction.org) will be completed in early February.
  • February – March: Planning and promotion.
  • April – May: Week of Action takes places. National organizations will have press materials.

What is the Secular Week of Action?

The Secular Week of Action is a call to secular and humanist communities across the country to put their values into action. Local organizations across the diverse nontheistic spectrum—atheists, agnostics, Ex-Muslims, freethinkers, humanists, skeptics, and many more—come together to demonstrate our shared commitment to making this world, here and now, a better place. During this inspiring week, participating organizations buckle down and do the work that matters, taking social, political, and charitable actions that make a positive impact on their community.