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Connecting with the Board

Greetings from the WES Board of Trustees! As we approach the halfway point in the board year, I thought this blog post would serve as a good opportunity to remind our fellow WES members how to connect with and make your questions or concerns known to the Board. Trustees are always pleased to have members express interest in and witness our work. Below, I’ve listed three ways for any WES member to interact with the Board.

Chat with a Trustee

Trustees are always happy to connect individually with members and hear about your hopes and dreams for WES. Please feel free to approach any Trustee and introduce yourself before or after platform, or at a WES event. We are identifiable by our bright yellow name tags, and our individual email contacts are available in the WES directory.

Bring a Specific Issue to the Board

Members are encouraged to raise issues of interest or concern to the Board. Inquiries from members can be sent to the Board President (boardpresident@ethicalsociety.org) and will be distributed to the full board. We are happy to respond in writing or with follow-up of an individual Trustee. If you would like to discuss a specific issue with the Board during a Board meeting, the WES Bylaws ask that you submit your request and all accompanying documentation to the Vice President (kellys@ethicalsociety.org) at least six days prior to the Board meeting. Every effort will be made to get your issue on the upcoming agenda, though it may be placed on the subsequent agenda, as we are currently working through a very high volume of agenda items.

Attend a Board Meeting

Interested in what the Board does? Thinking about becoming a WES Trustee? Come to a Board meeting! Board meetings are the primary vehicle through which the Board conducts its work, which includes overseeing WES’s affairs, developing policy, and acting on the membership’s behalf. Meeting agendas and materials are available on the Member Access section of the website at least three days before the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, we invite visitors to share their thoughts about any WES-related issues. Because the Board has a pre-set agenda, often including work that must be done during the meeting, we will likely not be able to engage in discussion with visitors during the opening visitor period; however, your comments are highly valued and will be recorded in the minutes and taken into consideration as we conduct relevant work. Once the comment period is over, feel free to hang out, have some snacks, and watch us work! Members are welcome to stay for the entire meeting, with the exception of Executive Sessions and Board Huddles, which are reserved for confidential matters.


Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!


2017-2018 Board of Trustees:

Rachel Alexander, President

Margaret Conway

Kristin Hunter

John Mulligan

Kelly Sheeran

Lauren Strange

Sheila Waters