WES Blog — Fueling WES’ Journey

It’s everyone’s favorite season–pledge season! Who doesn’t love talking about and thinking about money, right? 

Actually, for those of us who are deeply invested in the future of WES, I know that it is a kind of favorite season…because it’s the time when we see what we will be able to accomplish together in the year to come. And, it always involves an opportunity for us to come together as a community, either at one time or in smaller groupings, and talk about what matters to us and why we give to the WES community. 

This year, the Stewardship Team is hosting a single all-congregation gathering Fueling Our Journey party on Saturday, March 16, 5-7pm. {RSVPhere} This will be a “cocktail party” style event, with a short presentation, some story sharing, and a lot of fun (and yummy food and drink!). We are really looking forward to the chance to be together and to celebrate everything we have been working on, and talk about the big visions we all have for WES’ journey…and the very personal ways that WES is part of our journeys. At that party, you can also pick up your personalized pledge packet. 

The party on the 16th won’t be about graphs and charts and numbers, but rather about connecting and celebrating. But if you’re a numbers person, don’t worry! We have a special WES by the Numbers presentation on Sunday, March 10, 1-2:30pm. We’ll have some snacks to munch on, and we’ll go through the 2018-19 budget and how we’re doing, forecast some changes ahead in the 2019-20 budget, and break down the “cost” of WES (about $2,000 per adult) and WES’ pledging so that you can understand how much people give to WES and where you can fit in that, based on your own situation. 

We hope we’ll see you at both of those events–and most of all, we hope that you’ll engage thoughtfully in your decision about what to pledge for the coming fiscal year (which begins on July 1). Our gifts to WES are really gifts to each other–gifts that ensure that our community is strong and vibrant and available to all, regardless of financial ability. We give to the institution…but ultimately, we give to the people, to the mission, and to the future. Thank you for being part of that future. 


The Stewardship Team