WES Blog — Introducing Summer!

Hello WES folk. I hope everyone has had a restful summer so far. I’m thrilled to be stepping up as the sabbatical clergyperson over the next few weeks while Amanda is enjoying some needed rest and study time. Over the next couple of weeks, please feel free to reach out to me just as you would to her. I will be leading platforms, meetings, and available for pastoral needs and emergencies.

We’ve got a great summer lined up with guest speakers, poets, and sources drawing from classic con-artist movies to science fiction. The theme we’ve developed for the next few weeks is Creative Alternatives.
One joy of Ethical Culture and other liberal religious movements is that we hold space to explore creative alternatives to the world as typically see it. Every week we gather for over an hour to sing songs, meditate, and discuss our lives. We gather to be inspired to look at our lives in new ways, to look for hope in the face of despair, to look for a community instead of feeling isolated, and to elicit the best in ourselves and in others.
The work of creating Creative Alternatives is often tricky. It takes the ability to be flexible and to challenge initial assumptions about how things are meant to be. Harmful behavior and systems of injustice are often justified because that is the way it has always been done. We get diverted from our dreams to follow commonly held views about what success looks like. There is always room for change. We can change ourselves, we can change expectations, and we can change our world.
What kind of changes do you need in your life? Where are the places that block you from personal wholeness? How should we form our communities to be inclusive and supportive of everyone? What questions should I be asking?
I hope to see you all over WES the next few weeks as we explore these themes, answer some of the questions, and come up with new ones.
My office hours over the summer are Tuesdays 11am to 2pm, and Wednesdays / Thursdays from 11am to 3pm. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at my WES email address zebg@ethicalsociety.org or phone number 202-882-6650 ext. 6. My days off are Mondays and Fridays.
All the best,