WES Blog — SEEK Update

Hello and Happy New Year!  The SEEK program has been quite busy at the start of this year and I am happy to be able to share ideas, resources and provide support to the children and teachers.  I’ve worked as SEEK assistant here at WES for about 4 months now and I’ve learned so much about ethical culture and education.  As an Early Childhood expert, I am trained and educated on how to observe children and facilitate learning experiences to track their development.  Here at WES I’ve been able to use some of that expertise to create meaningful, inclusive and engaging learning experiences for the SEEK Program.  I’ve already created long-lasting connections with children and teachers alike, that continue to fuel my ideas and goals in my role.  With each week I learn helpful new information about ethical culture and education that encourages me to create more ethically sound experiences and projects.

Through my interactions with teachers and children, I’ve learned that WES is a caring community that teaches young children the value of helping others.  Through various lessons and service learning projects, children learn to embrace differences, act again bias and unfairness, and create inclusive connections and friendships.
I’ve learned that WES is a place where you can be yourself, share your ideas and make your mark on the world.  WES creates an atmosphere for children that encourages them to choose their own path through kindness, self-reflection and advocacy.
I hope to continue to contribute to the plethora of those who are a part of WES’s diverse educational community that encourages its youth to take social responsibility in the world through a groundwork of life-long learning.


Ndara G. Miles, SEEK Assistant