WES Blog — The Experiment of the Purple Piano: This is Not a Metaphor

Last week, a purple piano took up residence at WES in the Social Hall. Seriously. There is a baby grand piano in the Social Hall. It is purple. And it’s sitting there begging so many questions!

First, you might ask, “Why is there a new (to WES) piano?” As many of you may know, WES has hosted DC Labor Chorus for many years now, a partnership that began when DCLC was temporarily unable to rehearse at nearby Shephard Park Elementary during some major renovations. The renovations are long since done but DCLC and WES have continued to be in relationship, with DCLC holding their weekly Monday night rehearsals at WES, as well as singing for platform a couple of times each year. They found that having a piano one could “see over” while their chorus sang was becoming important for them… and they found a donor! So now the piano lives here.

“How long will the piano be here?” We don’t know! This is an experiment from now through the end of June. We’ll be tracking feedback from renters and WES folk to figure out whether the new piano is working out. Meanwhile, our upright piano is in the Library.

“Who owns the piano?” DCLC received this donation and we’re providing space for it in exchange for use of it on Wednesday nights for the musicians’ jam. You will see that there is a sign asking people not to move, touch, play, or set things on it. Thanks for your support.

“Is this a metaphor?” Yes…and no. There is a real piano in the Social Hall AND experiments are always metaphors for our comfort with change. How do we feel when things look or feel different? What draws our curiosity? What makes us anxious? What seems fun? Hopefully, this is a simple, purple, easy way to explore our responses to these questions. Thanks for reading!

-Bailey Whiteman, Music Director