WES Prepares to Welcome a Clergy Intern

It’s so great to be back with you after my foray to North Dakota–you can read some reflections about my trip in next week’s News and Notes (the weekly email that goes out on Wednesdays). I’m so appreciative of the support you all gave me.
I am excited to share a further-off piece of news: WES is preparing to welcome our first clergy intern! In September 2017, we will have with us Sarah Cade, who is preparing for the Unitarian Universalist ministry at Meadville Lombard Theological School. Sarah lives in the DC area already, and she will spend two years with us doing a half-time field education placement, a vital part of preparation for UU ministry. I’m thrilled about this development; I have hoped for several years that we could host an Ethical Culture intern, but none were ready for internship and able to be in DC, so when this opportunity arose I was so pleased the Board said yes to moving forward. On a personal level, supervising and nurturing new clergy leadership feels like an important next step in my own professional development, and on a congregational level, I think it’s a perfect time for WES to share our learning with a clergy person in formation. Having a clergy intern isn’t about having another set of hands–it’s about helping to shape and support a minister in formation as she discovers who she is. I think WES, with our current growth and our commitment to social justice, is in a wonderful position to do so, and to learn ourselves at the same time. I look forward to introducing Sarah to Ethical Culture, and to all of you. As we get closer to her start date, we will be forming a committee to support Sarah, and we’ll have a chance to share more about her with the congregation. In the meantime, I hope you join me in my excitement about this coming addition to our staff.

As always, I’m happy to answer questions about this new development. Thank you for all the support you show to the current staff, and the support I know you will show Sarah.